3 Display Tips to Help Your Bakery Stand Out

By Federal Industries Jan 26, 2022

In a bakery, the invigorating aromas from freshly baked goods should be enough to stop any passerby in their tracks to stop in and make a purchase. But sometimes operators need more innovative ways to put their products on full display and get those baked goods the attention they deserve.

The first key to standing out from other bakeries is understanding what makes your bakery operation unique. What is your niche? Do you make the best bread in town, or the best pastries and cakes?

If you do what you do best, you will be a success. However, there is more to running a bakery or pastry shop than your baked goods. How you display your goods, the cleanliness of your store and the friendliness of your staff will enhance every item you take out from your ovens.

Give Your Products Visual Appeal

Showing off your baked goods in an appealing way drives sales. A bakery merchandiser allows you to display your products for your customers to see yet keeps them protected from the elements and maintains freshness. Using a bakery display case for your products will make them more visually appealing to your customers and help them sell.

Federal Industries has several bakery cases in a variety of sizes, styles, and in refrigerated or non-refrigerated model. Italian glass bakery cases are the perfect bakery merchandiser that will help match whatever types of baked goods and pastries you’re selling. Dual temperature cases keep your bakery products fresher, allowing them to stay on display longer – that is if they don’t sell out first!

Closed bakery cases are a more sanitary way to sell your products. Opt for bakery cases that are easy to stock and keep clean. In addition, consider access. The front glass of Federal Industries units is hinged for easy access, making sanitation of the unit more accessible than ever.

Bakery Trends That Will Help Your Bakery Stand Out

Most foodservice operations adapt portions of their menus to seasonal trends and trends driven by their customers. Bakery trends can be short-lived, so you need to be flexible as much as possible because a customer’s tastes can change as swiftly as the seasons. Adapting to seasonal and customer-driven trends will add to your sales, and thus, your success.

Ensure your display case puts the latest trend or seasonal food items on display in a visual appealing way. It’s hard to turn down a mouth-watering chocolate display during Valentine’s Day, and who says no to pumpkin-based pastries in the fall? Dedicate a high-traffic area of your establishment to those popular, limited-time offerings that will keep customers coming back to see what’s new.

Keeping your Bakery Clean Adds Appeal

Smells sell, and the only thing your customers should smell when they walk in your shop are baking bread, spices, chocolate, and the other aromas that a bakery should have. Even the lingering odor of cleaning products can be a turn-off when deciding whether to buy your freshly baked goods.

Federal’s bakery display cases will help keep your products fresh and safe, and make cleaning easier for staff. Easy to maneuver glass will ensure cleaning is done thoroughly and efficiently.

Does your bakery need help standing out? Federal Industries has the display case solutions geared towards any size bakery. Tell us about your menu, your volume, and your footprint, we’ll help identify profitable opportunities!

Let the experts at Federal Industries help you determine the best bakery merchandising solutions for your operation. Book time with us below for a free foodservice display update. 
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