A Closer Look At The Rise of Grab-N-Go

By Federal Industries May 18, 2022

At the height of the pandemic, grab-and-go dining, along with takeout and delivery, were the major forms of dining. But even as the restrictions lift and a return to normalcy slowly comes to fruition, the concept of grab-and-go isn’t going anywhere. With kids back in school and people going back to the office, convenience stores, cafeterias, and other foodservice operations with pre-packaged meals see the need for grab-and-go in high demand.

The grab-and-go concept is nothing new in foodservice, but the types of businesses and institutions utilizing grab-and-go have evolved to take advantage of refrigerated self-serve display cases and end caps that draw attention.

Why Grab-and-Go?

Grab-and-go works because it serves a need any time of day and is easily adaptable for different types of meals. A successful grab-and-go concept needs the right equipment where buyers can immediately see what they want, make their selections, purchase, and get out quickly. During COVID, that reduced time in the store or in line has been even more magnified.

COVID has tremendously impacted the way convenience stores and cafeterias offer dining options. In fact, although this is a huge market now, recent studies indicate the post-pandemic world will look a lot different, and the idea of grab-and-go convenience will stretch well beyond convenience stores and cafeterias, and into more non-traditional places for grab-and-go like stadiums, hotels, even restaurants.

The key behind the success of grab-and-go is having the right products in plain view for those shoppers, especially those who frequently make impulse purchases. Food items that are pre-packaged, easy to carry, and strategically placed all increase the success of a grab-and-go concept.

Profitable Grab-and-Go Solutions

Self-serve merchandisers add convenience for grab-and-go shoppers in an efficient, yet attractive presentation. While refrigerated options have always been the go-to when it comes to grab-and-go, there is a new breed of shoppers who look for hot-food options any time of day. This has been very popular during COVID and will continue to help expand the grab-and-go market.

Federal Industries provides equipment solutions that meet the grab-and-go needs of vendors and buyers. We have many merchandising solutions that can aid in a successful grab-and-go program. Here are just a few.

The Island Merchandiser (IMSS) is self-contained, refrigerated, and can be customized with innovative accessories that perfectly complement any setting you envision. Accessible from all directions at multiple levels of storage, it comes with a black metal base, interior and canopy, adjustable black metal shelfs, LED top and undershelf lighting, and condensate evaporator

The End Cap (ECSS) is designed to grab those customers who make impulse sales. Compact yet attractive, it puts food right in the line of sight of customers who need grab-and-go service. Refrigerated with temperature control, it’s big enough to accommodate multiple options but small enough to be placed in the right proximity of customers.

The newVision Series merchandising cases from Federal is worth a look, and it's going to be a big hit with your customer base who offer grab-and-go food options. From college dining halls to convenience stores, this new case line is sure to wow.  Whether your customer needs a refrigerated, heated, or high-profile case, the Vision Series cases dramatically enhance visibility from the front and side perspectives. This allows for more engagement, more appeal, and increased return on investment.

Are you looking to increase foot traffic in your operation and expand your pool of customers? Take a look at the solutions from Federal Industries that can add new levels of efficiency to the way you do business by making your foodservice convenient and let us help identify the right type of display case to increase your grab-and-go sales.

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