Components of a Successful Foodservice Program

By Jackie Ceithamer May 21, 2021

Running a successful foodservice operation takes more than a tasty menu and marketing plan. It's a combination of both your menu and marketing process alongside having the right appliances, business plan, and staying on top of the latest trends. Things like curbside pick-up and delivery are two of the most popular opportunities to increase revenue in 2021, which means your foodservice operation should be adjusting to meet that line of customer demand in the first quarter of the year at the very least. This is a great way to see an uptick in current earnings.


Crafting an annual business plan is the first step in protecting your investment as you seek to understand just how many variables make up a successful foodservice program. When you're looking at seeing a return on your investment (ROI), you'll need to make a checklist of the following:

  • Costs of labor and training

  • Recipes and standard work - this can include cleaning shop when opening and closing to ensure your foodservice location is sanitized properly.

  • Automated Software / Technology Friendly Menu - Many in the foodservice industry rely on apps like UberEats and GrubHub to further connect them with customers, and having a smartphone-friendly menu can make ordering incredibly easy for those looking to grab a bite on the go. 

  • Marketing Strategy - Social media is a huge influence on how people find new places to eat. Having a marketing plan, offering short promotions, and creating a thorough strategy to present yourself can make all the difference. 

  • Food and product costs

  • Equipment

There are various other factors you can add to your business plan when creating a budget, and being realistic on what you can afford to spend is pertinent to your operation's success. 


As you're making your annual business plan, having the right equipment can go a long way in helping you track your ROI. With grab and go trends taking the lead in the industry currently, having merchandisers that make serving easy and convenient for everyone can save you money. 

Federal Industries offers a variety of merchandisers that provide you with accessible displays for hot, cold, and non-refrigerated food and snacks. When rush hour hits and consumers are looking for no-contact pick-up options, these merchandisers are the perfect solution. From bakery and deli to countertop, and even specialty displays, these merchandisers are made to provide a home to ready to go products without taking up a mass majority of your real estate. 

They're each designed to make it easy to grab snacks, drinks, and full meals with limited physical interactions between staff and customers. This isn't only a quick way to provide speedier service, but it can help limit the number of bacteria and germs being spread as the day goes on. Display cases are super easy to clean and offer customers a transparent view of what your menu has to offer.


If you're currently reviewing your business plan or you're just looking at ways to improve your foodservice operations opportunities for success, contact us at Federal Industries today. Our team of experts is constantly monitoring the market to track the latest trends and crafting turnkey solutions to keep up with them. 

You have the need, and we have the solutions to all of your equipment and production needs. Our service is based out of Wisconsin and all of our products are rigorously tested to ensure that you receive high quality, top of the line, and durable solutions to all of your foodservice needs. We look forward to helping you make each day feel successful. 

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