Does Your Food Display Case Meet Certifications?

By Jackie Ceithamer Jan 19, 2021

When we think about displaying our foods and beverages, we typically think about the ability to get products in front of customers. While this is certainly an important aspect to any foodservice program, there’s more to these cases than meets the eye.

One of the under-considered aspects of a food display case is the level of certification it receives. Certifications are important because they directly relate to the safety of the customer and the types of food products an operation can display in them.

Do you know if your foodservice display case meets certifications? Do you know why it’s important? Let’s take a closer look at the alphabet soup of certifications.


Many operators don’t realize that not all food display cases are certified for potentially hazardous foods, or PHF. Refrigerated display cases must be tested and certified to the NSF-7 standard in order to hold and display PHF, and operators who are caught using cases without certifications can receive fines. 


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point documentation shows that an operation is following food safety guidelines, including keeping and holding all foods at the proper temperature levels in order to prevent potential safety hazards.


Underwriters Laboratories (and the CSA equivalent in Canada) is a certification that shows an operator’s commitment to consumer safety. UL certifications can be determined by cross-referencing a display case model number in the UL database. Additionally, under the UL CSA is the Canada certification body which Federal applies to all cases with a cUL mark when certifying to CSA through UL. 

Does your display case have these certifications? If not, are you putting your operation and your customers at risk?

All foodservice displays from Federal meet these critical certifications. To learn more about how they’re beneficial to your foodservice operation, schedule a free display case assessment with one of our experts.


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