Five Benefits of a Heated Merchandiser

By User Not Found Apr 28, 2020

Whether you own a coffee stand or a restaurant with a takeaway menu, you're always looking for new ways to grow your income and provide more of what your customers want. Adding a heated merchandiser to your store may provide a solution, along with a slew of other benefits. 

Here are a few reasons to add a heated merchandiser to your shop today.

Expand Your Menu Beyond Cold Items

In many cases, stores and cafes that offer takeaway items only offer cold items because they don't have a way to heat or keep food warm after it's cooked. With a heated merchandiser, you can add a hot sandwich and soup option to go with your salads, or expand the store's takeaway menu to pizza that customers can easily grab and go. When you expand your menu to include hot items, you'll make your customers happier and increase your revenue streams to help your business grow as a result of increased menu variety.

Attract Customers by Creating a Focal Point in Your Shop

With a little planning and design flair, your new heated merchandiser can become a focal point in your operation. Walk into your dining room or marketplace just like a customer would, and take inventory on what you see. Now, consider how a merchandiser can draw in your eye and act as a focal point. When it's time to place your heated merchandiser, you want it to go into one of the first spots you noticed. This will help attract customers to the merchandiser and encourage a higher number of impulse purchases. A floor model heated merchandiser can also be moved within a store to capture impulse sales and allows retailers to experiment with optimal placement to maximize sales. 


Value the Customer's Time by Providing a Fast Grab and Go Option

In the modern world, people are always running from one thing to the next, making time a very valuable commodity. If you provide your customers with a fast, hot option for a snack or entrée, they will choose it for the convenience. A customer who knows you value their time will be more likely to return. A fast grab-and-go option will also bring in a wider range of customers, from kids running to sports or the lunchtime crowd that's running errands but still needs to eat. 

Preserves Prepared Foods Longer

When you use a heated merchandiser, your food will stay fresher longer. You don't want to waste money preparing food, keeping it warm, and then throwing it away when it doesn't sell quickly enough. In addition to attracting customers, a heated merchandiser keeps your food items hot and helps extend the time that you can sell them. With a constant temperature, the food remains edible for an extended period of time, giving your customers a chance to purchase it. 

Go High Volume and Create an Additional Profit Center

As a business owner, you're always looking for new ways to make more money and create additional profit centers. Offering hot food options to your customer base can be a boon to your business. You can offer your clients more than a snack but an entire meal that makes you more money. 

It's beneficial to your bottom line to go for a high volume of sales. You can do this by offering several options or by always ensuring you have more than enough food prepared. You want customers to rely on always finding the food they want waiting on them so that they return often. 

There are many benefits to purchasing and installing a heated merchandiser. You preserve hot food longer to ensure sales and create an additional profit center by going high volume. Your customers will find that you value their time by providing a grab and go option. With so many benefits, you need to research and bring in your own heated merchandiser.


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