Foodservice Labor Trends (and how merchandisers can help)

By Jackie Ceithamer May 5, 2021

To say the foodservice industry took a hit with the COVID-19 pandemic would be an understatement. Restaurants and everyday foodservice operations nationwide took a drastic fall. From cutbacks on labor to some cities requiring full shutdowns, the experience hasn't been an easy one. In December 2020, unemployment showed a rate of 16.1%.

As the tables turn and things begin to re-open, we can feel joy in moving forward with the continuation of combating the spread of the virus and regaining some form of normalcy. With summer headed our way and vaccinations becoming more available across the country, many cities are lightening shutdowns and pushing towards re-opening foodservice establishments. 

To honor the progressiveness of a new day in the industry, our team at Federal Industries wanted to put together a few tips regarding how merchandisers could help you ease back into busy days of serving while still maintaining a transparent and cautious mindset. 


Consumers in today's market are completely focused on three things:

  1. Transparency

  2. Convenience

  3. Supporting local businesses

With a foodservice operation, taking those three ideas and putting them into an all-inclusive solution has never been easier. People are motivated to get back into the hustle of busy days, which means they want to feel the rush of getting back outdoors and back to work. While getting back to normal might take a little bit and it may look a little different, offering things like pre-packaged meals can help tackle some of the biggest challenges in the industry.

As customers return to a somewhat normal lifestyle, grab-and-go options are the latest trend. Not only does this allow people to grab a meal and eat it on the go, but it's a hygienic and efficient method to ensure that patrons are able to still enjoy their favorite locally made meals. Whether you run a restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, healthcare facility, or any other foodservice operation — grab and go options are a great way to interact with consumers without making them wait in lines or putting them at risk in crowded spaces.

This solution provides limited contact while putting your business at the frontline for serving. One great way to initiate this response is by utilizing the best merchandisers on the market. 


Storing your pre-made, pre-packaged items has never been more simple. With problem-solving options that bring you self-serve capabilities, consumers can easily view both food and drink options before picking their favorites. These display cases allow you to place your items on display for quick grab-and-go selections, and they're designed to store both hot and refrigerated items. The shelves are adjustable, making them easy to clean and simple to change your display. 

Additionally, Federal's merchandisers are reliable and don't require additional labor to manage. This can help save you from overspending on your budget as services begin to re-open, and it can help relieve a little stress when it comes to providing great service for your customers. 


For all of your questions regarding which merchandiser would be most efficient in your foodservice operation, get your free merchandiser tips sheet today. If you see any equipment you like or have any concerns and curiosities, feel free to reach out to our experts at Federal Industries for more information. 


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