Foodservice Trends to Know for 2022

By Federal Industries Jan 12, 2022

The end of the year is a time to reflect – what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we can apply to the new year. For 2022, foodservice trends are representative of the uncertain times we’ve lived in for nearly two years. The way people eat has changed the foodservice industry, but what hasn’t changed is our ability to adapt and evolve with these trends in mind.

Here is what we see for 2022 and beyond in the foodservice world and what Federal Industries is doing to address these trends.

Sustainability in Foodservice

Sustainability is continuing to influence the menus of restaurants and others in the foodservice industry in the way they handle food and beverages. This includes using recycled packaging and utilizing zero-waste options. As more and more customers use self-serve and other options away from the four walls of the dining-in experience of restaurants, business owners are looking for ways to package and sell their items while maintaining the quality of the food, ensuring it is tamper-resistant, and that it retains the proper temperature.

When it comes to sustainability, self-serve food stations and display cases for bakeries, dairy departments at grocery stores, and others are becoming more energy-efficient while keeping food and beverages well-preserved. 

Energy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing

Federal Industries uses the latest technology to create self-serve beverage centers, warm food stations, and other merchandising displays and self-serve areas to become more energy-efficient than ever before. It is important for merchandise displays to not only look great and be easily accessible to customers, but it is also just as important for each one to function in an energy-efficient way.

When it comes to waste management, many people may think it is nearly impossible to achieve in traditional visual merchandising but that is simply not the case. Federal Industries is implementing green manufacturing practices in the way our products are manufactured as well as in the way they work in keeping food and beverages in pristine condition. Also, by finding ways to use reclaimed or natural materials in the manufacturing process, companies, including Federal Industries, are becoming more eco-friendly.

This is where Federal Industries comes in as the company strives to provide these options for restaurant owners and their customers while using the company’s strategy to do its part in the green movement to protect the environment while providing quality products for food merchandisers and others in the foodservice industry. For years, the company has been focusing its efforts on utilizing green practices in manufacturing in energy-efficient facilities while recycling and creating energy-efficient components and displays to provide to its customers.

2022 Food and Beverage Trends

Healthier Food Choices

As people start to focus on health again in 2022, it is expected that more people will be choosing healthier food and drinks than ever before. This is a great time for food merchandisers to capitalize on offering healthy beverages that people can view and choose from. They can highlight alcohol-free products that taste like their alcohol-filled counterparts while also displaying an array of other healthy beverages. Cannabis and products enhanced with CBD are all the rage and those can be highlighted along with healthy teas and flavored waters that are appealing to more and more people who will be striving to become more health-conscious in 2022.

An increased number of foodservice customers will be opting for healthier food choices, including plant-based foods and cuisine that is higher in protein with fewer additives. Just like their meat counterparts, Federal Industries offers heated warming display solutions that will allow restaurants, grocery stores, and others to display these protein-based food options for customers while keeping the food in excellent, delicious condition. 

Overall, foodservice trends in 2022 are set to be exciting and interesting as business owners change the way they operate their businesses and customers change the way they purchase food and drinks. Our goal is to continue to provide foodservice operators with all the tools they need to be able to offer their customers healthy choices in a convenient manner and high-quality manner.

Ready to make a change in how your products go on display in the new year? Let our team help you identify display case and merchandising opportunities to help you accommodate the sustainability and health trends of 2022.
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