Grab-and-Go Cases To Increase C-Store Profits

By Jackie Ceithamer Jun 1, 2021

Grab-and-go food and drink choices in convenience stores is a growing opportunity to increase profits. Over 22% of food sales in c-stores are grab-and-go options as customers continue to look to limit person-to-person contact during the pandemic. These purchases don't only apply to traditional grab-and-go options like sodas and sandwiches. Consumers are looking for healthy self-serve options, such as fruit and specialty snack and meal items. 

Making grab-and-go cases easy to find is an integral part of maximizing the upward trend of grab-and-go purchases. Having multiple merchandising cases throughout a convenience store helps customers locate products to purchase and accommodates having different types of grab-and-go food and beverage options. Federal Industries provides a selection of hot, refrigerated, and non-refrigerated case options to meet any convenience store's needs and increase profits. 

Refrigerated Grab-and-Go Cases 

Federal Industries has multiple options for refrigerated self-service cases. For traditional bottled and canned drinks, there's the LMD-Refrigerated Self-Serve case. A larger case with multi decks and a broader profile to display more drinks, the LMD was designed with impulse sales in mind. 

C-stores that offer prepared foods might consider the Prepared Foods Refrigerated Self-Serve, the Self-Serve Low Profile, or the island style Self-Serve IMSS120. All are shorter profiled cases for a variety of grab-and-go food and drink choices. 

Stores that want to maximize their selling space should consider the Versatile Service Top Over Refrigerated Self-Serve Counter, which offers a top shelf to display impulse buys or add-ons such as dressings or desserts. C-stores that might have limited space or want to add an end cap case should consider the ECSS-Refrigerated Self-Serve. Narrower and deeper than other refrigerated cases, it offers four shelves to display products. 

Hot Grab-and-Go Cases 

Customers are still interested in purchasing pizza, toasted sandwiches, and other hot options that they don't have to wait to be prepared. The Federal Hot Self-Serve holds foods at an average temperate of 160° F. It also offers independently controlled heated shelves, allowing multiple food choices to be displayed. 

Bakery Grab-and-Go Cases 

Grab-and-go cases don't only have to be refrigerated or hot options. Self-serve bakery items are also a popular choice at convenience stores. The Federal Full Pan Non-Refrigerated Bakery Case is a five shelf option with tissue holders and bag divider, while the Non-Refrigerated Self-Serve case is perfect for countertops.  

Customizable and Easy To Maintain

All of Federal's merchandizer cases are customizable to your convenience store's specs. There's even the option of personalizing for brand and decor, making your grab-and-go easily recognizable to customers. Federal's grab-and-go cases are not only visually appealing, but the units are also easy to clean and include LED lighting. 

If you’re ready to add grab-and-go cases to your convenience store, contact Federal today for your FREE merchandiser equipment assessment.


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