Grab & Go Daypart & Breakfast Meal Trends

By Jackie Ceithamer Mar 15, 2021

It is safe to say that a lot has changed since society first shut down in March of last year, but, as data and trends show, some things remain the same. So what have some restaurant and foodservice employees and owners shared about what trends they're seeing throughout the pandemic? 
Take a look at what professionals in the field have shared, including how daypart and breakfast meals have seen a resurgence in popularity, and find out how Federal Industries can help restaurants and businesses stay trendy and, more importantly, successful. 


What Have Some Restaurant and Foodservice Employees and Owners Shared About Working Amidst a Global Pandemic?

California was the first state to shut down when the public began learning about COVID-19. Matt Pool, like many business owners, "saw the writing on the wall." Pool is the owner of Matt's Big Breakfast, and he is one of the many people in the industry who understand how these changes have affected day-to-day business. He shared how he immediately invested in a surplus of takeout supplies and began brainstorming how best to serve customers under these conditions. 

Through uphill learning processes and valuable data, Pool realized they needed to establish a new normal. In the past, Pool, like many restaurants, treated takeout orders as "extra", but, now, that has become quite the opposite. With takeout becoming a new form of survival mode, many people began to turn to other thriving trends to lead the way during these unusual and uncertain times.

What Foodservice Trend Continues to Prevail Throughout the Ages?

It is no secret that consumers enjoy convenience, and, as the famous saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Data from delivery services like DoorDash confirmed the customers' love and need for breakfast food choices. With that being said, it probably makes perfect sense to look at the successful profits linked to grab and go breakfast options. Consumer habits may have shifted, but what they were looking for didn't. Breakfast Journal published an article highlighting the momentum behind this movement. Many establishments completely removed self-serving options and began replacing them with grab and go choices. 

Ben Marks is the associate director of dining services at Virginia Tech, and he is one of the many professionals who have learned to be successful in the face of the global pandemic. Marks' strategies involve using tactics such as focus groups to have the best possible understanding of the products and items consumers want. From prepackaged meals to fruit cups for a snack, the grab & go concept can work across the board.

Grab & Go Daypart Solutions for Foodservice Operations

Innovation, customization, and craftsmanship are at the heart of Federal Industries. The food display case manufacturer has become a leading force in the foodservice industry and is a trusted expert when it comes to merchandising solutions. Federal Industries is able to provide hot and cold options for establishments looking to broaden their options and successes. 

Federal Industries' HSSM Hot Self-Serve Case keeps products warm and accessible while allowing important information like prices to be listed. The new design incorporates LED lights that are bound to make impulse buys look even more tempting. The RSSM Refrigerated Self-Serve Case is all about making transactions quick, easy, and, of course, cool. In addition, Federal Industries offers a Non-Refrigerated Self-Serve Case that is perfect for snacks and everything in between, but it doesn't end there. 

Stores and restaurants that are tight on space can explore countertop options as well. Restaurants, cafés, and bakeries will definitely want to consider investing in Federal Industries' display case products. Contact Federal Industries today to find out more about our display case options or to schedule a free merchandiser assessment.


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