Grab and Go School Merchandiser Solutions for Your School Nutrition Program

By Jackie Ceithamer Mar 29, 2021

Schools are often some of the most heavily trafficked areas, and that means crowds can happen with ease when lines for food get too long. When you combine students, faculty, and any on-site visitors, the chances of a crowd bubbling up in the cafeteria is likely. However, grab and go merchandiser solutions are helping change the flow of things for the better with quick access to nutritional meals. From snacks to drinks and pre-packaged lunches, these merchandisers are changing the game and helping create efficient and reliable opportunities to keep traffic moving so that the crowd dilemma is almost non-existent. 


Designed to accommodate bottles, cartons, and crates the Dairy Air-Screen Milk Merchandiser is a lifesaver in cafeterias. The refrigerated merchandiser is open at the front to make it easy for students to quickly grab the drink or snack of their choice, and sliding glass panels at the back allow you to seamlessly restock the shelves without interrupting the flow of the lines.

Temperature controlled settings allow you to house items overnight, making it efficient for getting up and running for that bright and early breakfast rush. This merchandiser works well with schools since it doesn't take up a ton of space and leaves the shelves within reach of any student no matter how short or tall. Made with stainless steel, the shelves are easily adjustable to make storing and stocking items customizable to your menu options.


It's easy to prepare meals and put them to the side hoping that they don't lose their quality or get too cold when you have a student body quickly approaching to grab lunch or breakfast. The days of keeping a single dish in an open bar hot unit for countertop servings are over. The Hot Self Serve Merchandiser allows you to put pre-packaged items on individually heated shelves to keep food ready to go and easy to grab. 

LED lighting makes all dishes easy to see, helping students and faculty decide what they want to eat without slowing down the flow of things. Three heated tiers of stainless steel shelves are made to be adjustable and easy to remove for accessible sanitization between meal periods. Not only is the HSSM made to help with the flow of traffic, but you can choose whether or not you'd like moveable panels in the back to make restocking just as compatible as the Dairy Air-Screen Merchandiser. 


Cafeteria settings will more than likely continue to look a little different for a while, and as we continue combating the current COVID situation, having quick and simple solutions to help keep lines moving can help promote the overall safety of everyone on the school grounds. If you're looking at convenient, compatible, and reliable solutions for your school nutrition program, look no further and contact us today. 

Our experts will get you all of the information you need to determine if Federal Industries merchandiser solutions are right for you. We can answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits and operations of these solutions, as well as help ease the stress of trying to make difficult decisions when it comes to transitioning towards more grab and go options.

Get your free school merchandiser equipment assessment today to see how exactly we can help you maintain the operational impact and safety of everyone passing through your school lines for breakfast or lunch. We look forward to assisting you in all of your foodservice needs.