Hot and Cold Grab-and-Go Display Options You Should Consider

By User Not Found Jun 10, 2020

As commercial dining shifts into a new normal of limited contact and a push for takeout, commercial kitchens are in need of new merchandisers that meet these requirements for the foreseeable future. Below are some grab-and-go options that may fit your kitchen's needs, as well as the benefits of choosing these merchandisers for your kitchen. 

Hot Self-Serve

While refrigerated merchandisers are common, offering a hot self-serve merchandiser option can help complement your product display. Many commercial kitchens at best have been offering a window for their hot food items due to a lack of proper storage. It is designed to keep all the food warm and at a safe temperature of 160 degrees. Each shelf can be manually controlled to hold different temperatures if you need the food warmer or cooler than others within the merchandiser. 

Soups, hot sandwiches, and warm side dishes thrive in these hot self-serve merchandisers. Customers can view the options available to them, grab what they need, and be on their way. 

Refrigerated Self-Serve

Offering refrigerated items in a self-serve area is not uncommon, but how it is presented to customers has changed. Choose the self-serve option where customers can easily grab what they need and head on their way, limiting contact between other customers and your staff. These refrigerated self-serve options keep food at or below 40 degrees for food safety purposes. 


Whether it be for housing different drink options or holding refrigerated items such as produce, cold sandwiches, or desserts, a refrigerated merchandiser is a perfect option to keep cold food items in an easy to find space for customers.    

Rear Door

Keeping human interaction to a minimum is made possible when the employees stock and check inventory from a different area than the customers. Choosing a merchandiser that has a rear door for stocking food options is ideal for social distancing purposes.  Sometimes merchandisers need to be restocked while customers are shopping. This keeps you and your customer safe and minimizing contact. Your staff can work from one side while customers shop on the other. 

Choose An Open Option

With the need to reduce contact and touching various surfaces, it is best to choose merchandisers for your kitchen that are open. Having each customer grab a door handle and open it is not necessary and could spread unwanted germs and diseases. Reduce surface areas completely when you choose open merchandisers. Customers are touching only what they want and reducing the spread of harmful germs and viruses. 

Sizes Vary

Depending on the number of food products you need to display determines which size merchandiser you may need. If you are limited on space or need to fit your merchandiser in a specific corner, there are various merchandisers that can fit your needs.

Self Check-Out

With the continued need to reduce interaction between staff and customers, the self check-out option allows customers to pay once they choose their food, which helps reduce human interaction. Multiple merchandisers in your business allow you to create various stations and minimize interaction between customers and staff. 

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