How Can You Get More Students to Drink Milk?

By User Not Found Apr 24, 2020

Everyone knows that there are definitive health benefits to dairy products, especially milk. However, when it comes to ensuring that young students are getting enough of those health benefits, the water gets murkier. For one thing, it can be difficult to keep milk at a safe temperature. In order for milk to be safe to serve, it is recommended that it stay at a temperature of between 32 and 38 degrees, meaning that any cartons or bottles of milk need to be stored in a refrigerated environment. It can also be challenging for facilities to provide an attractive display for dairy products since they are often short on space and need to consolidate as much as possible. Fortunately, there is an innovative new product that solves all of these issues and can help encourage students to drink more milk.  

What health benefits does milk provide for children?

The health benefits of milk are undeniable. Milk offers healthy fats and protein and is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and potassium. Children, in particular, require protein in order to grow and develop strong bones. Additionally, children who don't receive adequate protein might find themselves suffering in school, unable to focus their attention on learning.

For those in the foodservice industry, making milk readily available in school spaces has always been a challenge. Students don't always reach for milk when there are more sugary options, like soft drinks, available, and can be put off by outdated merchandising. Still, there is a new product that checks all of the boxes necessary to make milk not only easily accessible for students but more appealing to drink as well.

The Dairy Air-Screen stores milk safely

The Dairy Air-Screen is a revolutionary vertical merchandiser by the foodservice experts at Federal Industries. The appealing upright design serves many purposes: it looks much more modern, which appeals to school-aged children of all ages, and it is made to fit in a more compact space. The Dairy Air-Screen promotes more impulse purchasing and is easily customizable to include any school logo or graphic.

The Dairy Air-Screen features temperature-controlled overnight storage in order to prevent excessive labor and has shelves that are easily accessible for even very young students. Plus, the shelves are adjustable, so schools can create the shelf height that best serves their facility's needs. Designed to serve grades K-12, the Dairy Air-Screen even has optional rear access so that restocking is easier than ever before.

Additional Dairy Air-Screen benefits

Possibly one of the most appealing and revolutionary features of the Dairy Air-Screen is that this model maintains uniform temperatures 24/7. School staff doesn't have to worry about transferring refrigerated items to overnight storage at the end of the day, for fear of dairy products dropping to unsafe drinking temperature. Everything can stay within the Dairy Air Screen, ready for the next day's lunch or snack rush.

With anything that is designed to be around young people, durability is key. The Dairy Air-Screen is designed for maximum strength and efficiency, with reinforced stainless steel decks. Each deck can hold up to twelve milk crates, and it features built-in casters for hassle-free relocation. Beyond milk storage and presentation, the Dairy Air-Screen can hold any sort of snack or beverage that needs to be kept cold, from fresh fruit to bottled water and juice. 

From the all-new Dairy Air-Screen to other display cases and innovative products that serve the foodservice industry, the experts at Federal have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about any of our products and services.


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