How Counter Top Merchandisers Can Improve Sales

By User Not Found Jun 16, 2020

With the growing demand in merchandisers for grab-and-go purchases, it is essential that your commercial kitchen properly display your menu options for customers coming through. With counter top merchandisers in your business, you can display all of your menu items that are hot, refrigerated, or non-refrigerated for your customers. Below are the features associated with our Signature Series models. 

Non-Refrigerated Merchandiser

Have a safe place to store your menu items that do not require a specific temperature. Most of these merchandisers are home to desserts such as cookies or cake slices. The curved glass on the merchandiser allows it to be more flexible than traditional merchandisers and accommodate various menu items. Because of its design, multiple case line-ups can be available at once, accommodating your traffic. The self-serve merchandisers and standard merchandisers are all designed with multiple tiers that are adjustable to match your business’s needs. 

Non-Refrigerated Self-Serve Merchandiser

If your kitchen serves non-refrigerated items in individual servings, the non-refrigerated self-serve merchandiser is the right option. Store these individually prepared items safely so that your customers can make their selection, grab, and head on to the next area. This merchandiser is equipped with glass shelving and LED lights for complete visibility. 

Refrigerated Merchandiser

Maintaining the quality of your cold items is crucial. With a refrigerated merchandiser, you can easily display your cooler menu items such as salads and fruit for diners to choose from. They are easy to load with sliding doors on the rear of the merchandisers to maintain quality stock levels of your items. They are also complete with tempered glass to maintain the temperature in the merchandiser.  Adjust the shelves in the merchandiser to house your items that may come in different sizes and measurements. 

Refrigerated Self-Serve Merchandiser

If you would like to offer your diners the option to serve themselves with cold items, the self-serve merchandiser is an accessible choice. With the outward position of the glass, customers are able to safely reach in and select their items. On the rear side, kitchen staff can safely restock the merchandiser when needed to supply customers with the items they need. 

Hot Merchandiser

Hot meals and food items are popular choices in many commercial kitchens. With the help of a hot merchandiser, you can supply your customers with their favorite menu items. The merchandiser is equipped with humidified air to prevent the dishes from drying out significantly. Also, a manual temperature switch is provided to keep the items at the necessary temperature for food safety.

Hot Self-Serve Merchandiser

Take your hot merchandiser a step further and allow customers the option of self-serving. Maintaining the proper temperature, the front glass opens outward for diners to open and select their item(s) of choice. With three adjustable shelves, you can adjust them to fit your different menu items that may be larger or smaller. This flexibility allows commercial kitchens to store more items and meet customer demands. 

Let Us Help You Find the Right Counter Top Merchandiser

With new regulations and the shift to minimal contact in kitchens and dining areas, it is critical that commercial kitchens everywhere take the time to assess their current system and make the necessary changes. Depending on the layout of your kitchen area for your customers, counter top merchandisers may be essential in allowing you to maximize space. Customers have more space to spread out and maintain social distance requirements of six feet or more between them. 

If you are not sure which merchandiser you need for your kitchen, let one of our experts help you find the perfect solution. We will assess your current operational needs, the area for your merchandiser, and help you decide which options might work best for you. Get your free display case assessment today!


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