How Electric Cars Can Help Convenience Stores Profit

By Federal Industries Jan 17, 2022

The future is coming quickly, and there are many different technological advancements that are changing the ways in which the world works. Internet-enabled appliances, artificial intelligence, and 5G are all part of the new wave of tech advancements. Another big tech update is electric cars.

While currently electric cars are less than 5% of the car market, they’re a fast-growing segment that can have significant impacts on the ways convenience stores do business. Planning ahead and taking advantage of the electric car trend will help sales and revenue in c-stores continue to grow.

Time Waiting for The Car to Charge

Electric cars depend on batteries and charging stations rather than gasoline and gas pumps. While this helps the environment and makes driving a quieter experience for electric car owners, some convenience store owners might not see the immediate possibilities of this new market, since the sale of gasoline doesn’t apply.

An electric car battery can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to charge, depending on the type of charging station that is used and the size of the car’s battery. Rather than waiting in their cars, many electric car drivers want to get out, stretch their legs, and explore their immediate surroundings while their car is charging. C-stores that install electric car charging stations outside their doors can bring in a new segment of customers and encourage drivers to come inside while the car charges.

C-Store Foodservice Possibilities

One great opportunity for convenience stores is c-store foodservice. Travelers who stop in while their electric cars charge can easily be convinced to grab snacks and foodstuffs. Convenience store food offerings can range from packaged snacks, grab-and-go hot food, and even cooked-to-order items.

Whether a driver is stopping by for a few minutes or an hour, the ability to meet their needs with a wide variety of beverages and hot and cold food items allows convenience stores to reach a new audience and gather more business. By expanding the available options in a store, there’s an even higher chance of attracting electric car drivers.

Large truck stop style stores on the highways are a shining example of how to capture the road trip market. By offering clean facilities, unique food choices, plenty of merchandise, and things to do while waiting for the e-car to charge, these stores can recoup the costs that electric car owners aren’t spending on gas.

Display Cases and Opportunities for Merchandisers

Another way for convenience stores to optimize for electric car drivers is by improving the display cases and other display options that highlight the different merchandisers and brands in a c-store. Customers are more likely to purchase from displays that are enticing and attractive to customers. Not only does a nice, clean display encourage customers to purchase, but it can also keep them in the store longer and promote additional browsing and hopefully more purchases.

When combined, a wider variety of food options and upgraded displays can create an environment that brings in electric car drivers again and again. When you can satisfy their needs, your c-store business will expand. 

Preparing for the Future

Convenience store owners who want to prepare for the future will see the potential in tapping into the electric car market and find the value in installing electric charging stations and expanding their foodservice items. Federal offers merchandisers for hot and cold food items, as well as display cases perfect for packaged and pre-prepared snacks and meals. Federal’s merchandisers help convenience store owners provide the food and beverage their customers are seeking. They also help increase impulse purchases and profits.

For more information, schedule some time to speak with our Federal team members on how we can help your store prepare for the future.

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