How Federal’s Hot Self Serve Display Can Impact Profitability

By User Not Found Apr 29, 2020

In order to understand how a merchandiser can impact profitability, we first have to look at the factors that create profitability -- quality, versatility, and ease-of-use being the most important. The team at Federal took these concepts to the drawing board, so to speak, and what we came up with was the new Hot Self Serve Display Case. Here’s how it can impact your bottom line:


At the end of the day, consumers make purchases based on emotion and their perception of value. This is where quality comes into play. Foods need to be held and displayed at the temperatures that will maximize their greatest qualities. Would you want to buy a rotisserie chicken from a heated display case, only to find it’s dried out, or worse, cold?

This brings up two more points -- safety and food waste. If foods are held at the wrong temperatures, they can put customers at risk. If operators recognize that risk, they’re likely to throw those items away. The bottom line is this hurts your bottom line.

With Federal’s new Hot Self Serve Display Case, products are held up to an average temperature of 160ºF on three different tiers. This maximizes the display potential while ensuring quality and safety.


One way to attract more customers is to be more diverse with your menu offerings. This is especially true as our population diversifies and looks for a wider range of foods. When you offer more, you attract more. When you attract more, you sell more. That’s a pretty basic formula, but how can you do that in a heated display case application?

The Hot Self Serve Display Case provides three different heated tier options. Even better, those tiers can be adjusted and are independently controlled for different types of menu items. Serving cardboard cups of hot soup? Set your top shelf to a higher temperature. Would you just like to keep sandwiches warm? Set the bottom shelf to warm. 

When you have a display case that’s versatile, it can match the diversity of your menu. And that leads to profits.


We all know labor is one of the most critical aspects of any foodservice business in today’s society. So how can we make it easier to bring new staff up-to-speed, to make it easier for existing staff to operate and maintain? You implement equipment solutions that do just that.

Federal’s Hot Self Serve Display Case is designed for superior control. It’s a shelf that has a long shelf life, if you will. With easy, front-access controls, simple leg levelers, adjustable shelving that can either slant or rest flat, and shelves that are easy to adjust or replace, there isn’t a heated merchandiser on the market that easier to use.

Labor is important. Your staff’s time is your money.

Is the Federal Hot Self Serve Display Case the right option for your operation?

The short answer is, we don’t know. Without learning about your unique challenges and desires, we can’t tell you which unit would work best. That’s why we’re proud to offer a free foodservice display assessment, where we’ll talk through the challenges of your operation and how best to solve them with merchandising solutions.

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