How Italian-Style Display Cases Can Benefit Your Foodservice Operations

By User Not Found Jun 26, 2020

Italian Glass Display Cases Have an Upscale Design

Italian Glass bakery and deli display cases provide businesses with an upscale design that presents an operator's fresh foods with European style and flair. The design of the cases blend with your other décor and can be customized with virtually unlimited options to make sure the right merchandising system is created to complete your signature look. 

High output LED lighting, combined with glass shelves provide for superior product illumination, making sure your patrons get a good view of the items that you are offering them. Federal uses stainless steel for the interior of each case, which adds to the high-quality, upscale look and feel of the cases, which is what people are looking for when they patronize a business. These cases are UL and USF certified, as well as being DOE 2017 compliant, so you know that they are safe and energy-efficient, giving you a worry-free and cost-effective experience when using them.

Virtually Unlimited Options

Every business is different, so one case design cannot fit every single business that needs one, which is why there are a number of options you can choose from to ensure the unit you select is perfect for you. There are floor standing units that come equipped with a base, as well as counter top installations. If you have a large amount of fresh food that you sell, there are also continuous line-ups of cases that give you the room you need to display all of the foods you offer to your customers. Federal’s cases come in lengths of up to 60". 

From refrigerated options to keep your items cold, to non-refrigerated choices that are perfect for a bakery's fresh baked goods, there are many types of cases to suit your foodservice operation’s needs. We also offer hot cases that can help ensure your items remain at a consistent heated temperature until the customer takes it off your self-service case. The display can be made in various heights and facings, and there are also options for special light effects, as well as mirrored finishes. Whatever your needs are, there is an Italian Glass display that can be made to satisfy the needs of your business.

What Sets Federal Industries' Cases Apart

At Federal Industries, we are synonymous with delivering quality, reliability, and customization. We rigorously test all of our products for performance and reliability. We have certified state-of-the-art testing labs on-site at our Belleville, Wisconsin facility, where our cases are proudly made in America. We have been in business for more than 90 years, which has allowed us to gain the experience needed to make our cases with precision craftsmanship and industry-leading innovation. We take pride in the work that we do, and our cases are backed by excellence.

Get Help Choosing the Right Case for You

If you need help deciding on a case that completes your signature look, we can help you. Contact Federal Industries to get your free merchandiser equipment assessment. We'll help forecast your merchandising needs for today and the future, and showcase the latest in foodservice display technology to help you find the perfect case for your needs.

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