How to Select the Foodservice Merchandiser for Your Needs

By Jackie Ceithamer Apr 26, 2021

For foodservice operators who make use of foodservice display cases to enhance profitability, knowing how to select the right display can be a complex yet critically important process. The reality is there are many different factors to consider when making the decision of which display to use.


How much space do you have? What size display will work in the overall layout of your operation? Do you want verticality or something aligned horizontally within your operation? These are all important questions to answer as you look for the right foodservice display case. We’d suggest considering not just what the needs are today, but also project into the future. Plan accordingly and help prepare for future growth and changes.


What you’re going to serve will dictate how you’re going to serve it. Specifically, if you provide hot items like prepackaged burgers, pizza, or rotisserie chickens, a hot heated merchandiser is going to be a better fit than a refrigerated display case. Cold offerings such as prepackaged sandwiches, yogurt, salads, or beverages might be a better option for grab and go cold display. Segment your display case options according to what you’re going to serve.


Where will your display case reside within your operation? Some operations will be better suited with displays that can line a wall, while others will find islands more beneficial. What foodservice display you select will largely depend on the layout and footprint of your operation.

Selecting the right foodservice display for your business doesn’t have to be a lonely process.

It’s not easy to know which unit will help make your operation more efficient or profitable. Our team of experts at Federal Industries can help walk you through a full range of options that will be a better solution for your unique set of challenges.


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