Introducing A New Merchandising Solution For Small Spaces

By Jackie Ceithamer Jun 4, 2021

Grab & go services have become more than a trend in the last 12 months. They've redefined how the foodservice industry operates as a whole. Not only loved for their convenience, but these quick and easy solutions are great for days filled with quick-paced tasks. Grab & go also ensures consumers are still able to enjoy their favorite snacks or meals without having to take time from busy schedules to do so. If you're looking to drive service in a heavily trafficked area your way, we've got the solution for you.


Perfect for keeping up with the grab & go solutions, and for taking up minimal space, the RSSM 3078 is phenomenal. This merchandiser is only 30 x 28.75 x 78, giving you plenty of room to stock pre-packaged snacks and meals without taking up an entire room. Not only does this allow you to safely serve customers during difficult times, but it also makes cleaning incredibly easy. The four tiers of adjustable shelves are within reach and made with stainless steel to make spills easy to clean while also allowing you to fully customize the way you stock. 


Whether your operation is in an airport, food hall, convenience store, or any level of micro-marketing, Federal's RSSM 3078 is quick to help you optimize business. Consumers traveling through high trafficked areas, looking to make a quick stop and grab something to eat, all want something different. They want their favorite snack or a healthy salad, or whatever they're craving that day. The 3078 provides you with a way to optimize service based solely on consumer demand. You can efficiently offer a variety of products to choose from with the convenience of housing them in one place. 

The refrigerated self-serve ensures you're keeping products chilled and taking care of their quality after they're made and packaged. Additionally, the merchandiser has a condensation evaporator to ensure sandwiches and other items are never soggy. For customers, this method of serving feels trustworthy. They can openly see the items they're considering purchasing while grabbing what they want to without having to think of what they want to order, and without having to wait in line to tell somebody and then wait as it's being made. 

This benefits micro-marketing with how much it saves time for everyone. You can

  • Reduce the cost of labor

  • Cut back on the cost of wasted product waiting to be used

  • lower your energy consumption

  • and save money on real estate space

Rather than losing revenue in such a quick serving industry, put some of it back into your pocket with this Federal solution. 


If you've read this brief introduction to Federal's RSSM 3078 and you're thinking of ways you could upgrade your merchandising equipment in a way that upgrades your operation, contact us today. At Federal Industries, our goal is to bring you quality and versatility when it comes to the latest and most innovative merchandising solutions. We want to ensure you have durable, long-lasting equipment that allows you to easily meet customer demand and do more than just follow the latest foodservice trends. 

Get your free merchandiser equipment assessment today and say goodbye to losing revenue and hello to bringing new consumers in to shop with you. Your footprint may be small in the sense that you're limited on space, but it'll be huge when it comes to providing service to meet customer demand. 



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