Merchandising Healthy Grab & Go Snacks

By Jackie Ceithamer May 11, 2021

The new year is upon us, and as we branch away from the struggles of 2020, one thing we can all look forward to is our new year's resolutions. As we embrace new goals and continue battling the current Covid-19 pandemic, eating healthier is a priority that has everyone's focus. With social distancing still common, people are slowly starting to branch out and venture away from their homes for daily tasks. This includes seeking out healthy on the go snacks.

What is the Grab & Go Concept?

Delivery and curbside pick up have been the hottest trend for the last 12 months. Now, as people search for healthier alternatives with their meals, grab & go snacks are taking over. Having quick and easy pre-prepared meals and snacks is not only convenient, but it has allowed consumers a sense of comfort when shopping for something to eat. The basic idea is a safe, already prepared healthy snack that's available for customers to pick up. It's pre-packaged, prepared, and ready for checkout.

Healthy Looks Good On You

Convenience stores, airports, and high trafficked areas are in need of healthy options for the hustle of life. As people travel for business, head back to school, and face the daily rush, having these quick options is in demand. Fruit and veggie trays are only one of the popular options to see a sales increase from the beginning of the year. In 2020 alone, surveys showed that 51% of consumers wanted to adopt healthier eating habits based on their new year's resolutions. Surveys for 2021 show that 42% of Americans want to eat healthier and exercise more.

Consumers are hunting for more than pre-made salads. Deli services are seeing a rise in revenue for their fresh-cut meats and cheeses. These quick and easy items are feeling the rush of the new year, and they're making patrons feel like they can meet their health goals while still supporting local businesses.

Grab and Go Solutions

With the latest health kick and new items being produced to meet quick grab and go needs, adopting merchandising solutions into your foodservice operation could assist you in keeping up to date with your consumer's needs. Federal's open-air merchandisers provide you with innovative, must-have solutions for all of your service needs. 

Designed with elements that make meals and snacks accessible, we offer a variety of display cases that are easy to maintain and simple to serve. Not only do these open-air merchandisers provide transparency to customers looking for a quick bite, but they're easy to clean and restock. Choose between hot, refrigerated, dry, and even self-serve options depending on your operational needs. These cases are crafted so that you can optimize space, reduce energy consumption, and maintain the quality of your meals.

Meet Federal Industries

If you're ready to face the new year and need a helping hand when it comes to adjusting your service to meet current rules, regulations, and consumer demand, we've got you covered. Get your free merchandiser equipment assessment today to determine which open-air merchandiser is best for your operation's needs.


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