Put Foodservice in Perspective with the New Federal Vision Series Display Cases

By User Not Found Jan 4, 2022

Throughout our history, Federal has made it our business to look for industry trends and challenges, using our innovative design capabilities to develop and manufacture solutions that meet those challenges.

Over the last several years, one of the challenges we’ve seen across all types of operations is the need for high profile food displays that enhance visibility of the products on display, while at the same time enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the operation itself. We listened to what you had to say, and the time has finally come and we're thrilled to introduce to you our new vision of the future: Federal's New Vision Series Merchandisers


Introducing the Federal Vision Series


Created with high-end, European-styling, the new Vision Series is a high-profile case complete with added visibility. Dramatically enhanced visibility from the front and side perspectives allows for more engagement, more appeal, and increased return on investment.

Here are some important aspects of the Federal Vision Series to consider:

They’re stylish. Designed with European-styling aesthetics in mind, these sleek and distinct cases provide superior craftsmanship with a modern appeal.

They promote visibility. With ‘see-thru’ sides, food and beverage products can be seen from different areas of an operation enhancing the merchandising capabilities of the business.

They’re versatile. The Vision Series comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. From width and height, to heated, refrigerated, and non-refrigerated, versatility is a key component.

They’re customizable. Federal’s Vision Series display cases can be created using a wide range of exterior laminate and wrap options to meet any decor. 

They’re reliable. It’s what we’re known for, and with the Vision Series, operators can expect more of the same -- hassle-free maintenance and Federal’s quality, excellence, and reliability. 

They’re easy to maintain. With an easy, hassle-free maintenance design, the Vision Series cases were designed with ease-of-use in mind for both the customer and the operators maintaining the case. With an automatic defrost system, and Medex Fiberboard End Panels in place, your case will be free of any condensation damage. 

Suited to meet your needs, see how the new Vision Series can put a fresh spin on proven quality in your foodservice operation. Reach out today to get your free merchandising assessment here.


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