Redefining the New Normal for C-Stores

By Jackie Ceithamer Oct 28, 2020

Are you looking for more grab and go options to offer your convenience store customers? In the current situation with COVID-19 still hanging around, every opportunity for a sale is more important than ever. Offering more grab and go options is one easy way to improve your bottom line. A great selection of both hot and cold products that are convenient, attractively displayed, and safe will keep customers coming back for more.

Providing an Essential Service

As an 'essential service' during the COVID-19 emergency, it's important that c-stores continue to meet their customers' needs, including food options that are provided in a safe and sanitary manner with as little person-to-person contact as possible. To meet these needs, innovative foodservice solutions are necessary now more than ever before.

According to the NACS Trade Association, beginning in March most convenience store owners/operators have "...eliminated self-serve options like roller grills, fountain drinks, and bakery cases." This drastic step was necessary in order to improve health and safety for customers and employees alike. Unfortunately, the lack of convenient grab and go options has impacted both hurried customers and a c-store's bottom line.

Urban customers may choose to purchase food from a nearby c-store in order to minimize the human contact that's inevitable aboard public transportation. A great variety of food choices is especially important for customers who are purchasing much of their food from a c-store rather than a grocery store. They'll appreciate the variety of foods you're providing as you improve your bottom line in these uncertain times.

Pivoting your product offerings to include more fresh items, pantry necessities, and convenient meals will help draw customers in and keep them coming back. New merchandisers that hold more product and display it more attractively can help turn 'quick-trip' shoppers into regular customers.

Making the Case for New & Improved Merchandise Cases

Since it looks like the "new normal" may be around for a while, this is a great time to invest in some merchandiser upgrades. Convenient and attractive cases that entice customers while minimizing human contact are the way to go during this pandemic and for the future. Unlike some health and safety measures that have been implemented for COVID-19, high-quality merchandisers will remain a valuable asset even after the pandemic is long over.

The Self-Serve Advantage

Tempt customers with appealing hot and cold packaged items that they can choose for themselves with minimal human contact. Federal's hot self-serve and island merchandisers are exactly what you need to do just that. They allow you to offer a wide variety of convenient food options for snacking on or even creating full meals.

You and your customers will be delighted by their sleek, modern appearance and ease of use. The fact that the food is offered under exceptionally sanitary conditions is definitely a plus! Placing these attractive merchandisers in high-traffic areas will likely increase impulse buys even from customers who didn't come in looking for food.

How Federal Can Help

Our merchandisers are customizable for almost any application. We offer innovative options like special lighting effects, mirrored doors and ends, beautifully tailored facings, and even custom case heights. Check out our downloadable c-store merchandising brochure that showcases the wide variety of merchandisers we offer, as well as placement suggestions.

Rigorous testing ensures that our merchandise cases offer exceptional reliability, durability, and day after day performance. We back that testing with our unparalleled service. Contact the experts at Federal Industries for your free c-store merchandiser assessment.


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