How a Simple Feature in Federal's Display Cases Can Reduce Food Waste

By Federal Industries May 30, 2023

As costs increase for ingredients, commercial rental space, and other foodservice operation needs, reducing food waste has become a paramount objective for many restaurants and retailers as it's one area of control when it comes to controlling costs. Without food preservation processes in place, foodservice operations can spend a significant amount of resources, essentially throwing them away.

For operations that are committed to merchandising, we have a potential solution. Yes, it's possible to help reduce food waste with the right food display case.


The Hidden Cost of Food Waste

Of all the things we throw out, food waste takes up the most space in landfills. The United States wastes 80 billion pounds of food annually, accounting for 22 percent of municipal solid waste. When Americans waste food, it's especially sad as the nation has an incredible hunger problem -- economic disparities punish those without privilege, leaving them in food deserts. At the same time, wealthier citizens and foodservice establishments toss day-old food away.

Between misunderstanding expiration labels, over-buying food, and not knowing when and where to donate unwanted items, Americans are big on waste, and the foodservice industry is part of the problem. Forty percent of this food waste comes from restaurants, foodservice companies, and grocery stores, meaning that the foodservice industry is a big part of the problem.

The bottom line is this: throwing out food hurts the profits of foodservice businesses. The more you sell and the less you waste, the better for your profit. 

The Role of Display Cases in Food Preservation

Glass display cases help with reducing food waste in the foodservice industry. By ensuring proper humidity and temperature settings within the glass display case, food lasts longer. While many people associate glass display cases with baked goods in cafes, foodservice restaurants can also merchandise sandwiches, salads, heated goods, and more, depending on the capabilities of the display. This eases floor congestion, helps to reduce food waste, and ensures customers see the food on the counter when the display case is optimally positioned.

The customer can expect to get clean, fresh, sealed food from a glass display case, complete with an accurate expiration date. This can help foodservice establishments maintain food safety while extending the food's shelf life. Foodservice establishments can commit to being part of the solution instead of the problem when it comes to food waste -- and they can even use that as a promise in advertising. 

Sustainable Practices for Profitable Business. The Role of Federal's Italian Glass Cases in Minimizing Waste

The one simple feature that can help reduce food waste in an Italian glass case is the humidity setting. Reducing food waste can be as simple as ensuring the humidity is set properly for the type of food in the case. These glass cases come in a variety, both refrigerated and non-refrigerated, to ensure restaurants have the right food display options for their needs. Federal Italian Glass is also available in a heated option. It's important to determine what is being served, and then figure out the best ways to merchandise those items with temperature and humidity controls that will ensure proper shelf life. And Federal can help.

Learn more about Federal's Italian Heated Glass Series.

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