The Psychology of Grab-and-Go

By Jackie Ceithamer May 28, 2021

Grab-and-go displays have made way for a new level of convenience when it comes to foodservice. Not only do consumers seem to love the renewed sense of availability, but they love the versatility in items that retailers are offering. 

There's a lot of good feedback and return on investment when it comes to the grab-and-go trend. It's shown to be a stable form of service and continues to gain traction when it comes to consumers that don't want to spend a ton of time hunting their next meal. This may leave you wondering why exactly the trend is so popular and what's leading today's market to choose it over other forms of foodservice. 


Living in the days of a pandemic, convenience is more than a quick solution. It can be the difference in safety and taking precautions to keep a business open. Consumers are loving that they can continue purchasing meals and snacks from their favorite locations, and they're keen on being able to grab what they want without having to wait on service or be in a crowded establishment. Many consumers are trying to find a sense of normalcy with the current situation at hand, and having food options that they can grab on the go is comforting. 


There's a logic behind something catching your eye. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to impulse buy products that they find aesthetically appealing as well as items that they can easily see. With display cases, seeing the items on a shelf are much clearer, which could be part of why so many people are enjoying the service.

In addition, they're incredibly easy to organize and that could make a customer trust the location they're purchasing from. Organization has shown to have a calming impact on people, leaving them to feel like a space is clean and comforting, which could also assist with catching a consumer's eye when they're looking for something tasty to buy. 


Not only do consumers rely on what they can easily see, but having items organized in a display case often provides more visibility to shoppers. This is a great way to control consumer buying habits. When you designate specific items to an easily accessible location, it drives customers towards the items that are in their line of sight and encourages their spending habits through what seems like a good deal. You can easily use a display merchandiser to promote your best items so that they're one of the first things potential buyers notice.


Display cases are only one of the many solutions helping combat the current COVID situation. They're a way to engage with consumers through hot, cold, and non-refrigerated grab-and-go solutions. When you're looking for ways to optimize consumer consumption through trends like the grab-and-go wave, utilizing display cases that meet your needs is only logical. 

Federal offers many self-serve options for both refrigerated and hot food options, including the Hot Self-Service case that combines curved glass styling and the Non-Refrigerated Self-Serve, which was designed with impulse sales in mind.  If you’re ready to find out which self-serve cases will help your foodservice operation, get your free merchandiser equipment assessment today. One of our experts will work with you to craft the perfect plan when it comes to providing you with equipment that helps you stay up to date with trends, lowers things like labor costs, and simply assists in making your business stand out from the competition. 

We look forward to helping you utilize our merchandisers to target your network of customers via their psychological shopping preferences. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions or address any concerns. 


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