The Top Retail & Grocery Merchandising Trends We Expect to See in 2021

By Jackie Ceithamer May 25, 2021

Retail and grocery have seen major changes in the last 12 months. From an increase in relying on online ordering to things such as curbside pick-up, we're utilizing e-commerce in a whole new way. Consumers are prioritizing their health as a means to fight the pandemic by eating foods that provide support to their immune system, as well as looking for healthier options due to the major benefits that come with eating green. While every city is currently going through their own changes of rules and regulations, grab and go trends with healthy options is here to stay.

So, what all can retailers and grocers expect to see throughout 2021?


As grab-and-go options sweep across the nation, one thing's for certain: consumers are eating more plant-based items than ever. Partially due to the pandemic and partially due to the growing understanding of how different foods impact our bodies, consumers are unafraid to walk away from a merchandiser if they don't have plant-based items. 

From salads to meatless burgers, people are doing whatever they can to find healthy alternatives for their snacks and meals. Many consumers are looking for items with recyclable packaging so that while they're taking care of their bodies, they can also feel like they're taking care of the environment. 


It doesn't stop there, consumers have gotten used to the rush of a hectic day. They're not looking solely for a quick snack to grab and run. Americans are looking for bold flavors that mix culturally authentic foods into their grab-and-go service. They're looking for flavorful options they can pick up from a shelf and enjoy. 

For retailers, this means keeping items stocked with merchandisers that help maintain the quality of your products. Whether it be hot, cold, or even non-refrigerated items, consumers are opting for groceries that are fresh but still give them the convenience of grabbing, paying, and going on towards their next task of the day. 


One trend that seems to be really taking off is ordering online and picking up curbside. The solution was originally crafted to limit interactions with others and help prevent the spread of COVID, but it's now become such a convenience that we don't see it ever going away. When consumers can't get access to delivery or need to grab a few items, retailers are finding incredible success in offering this solution. 


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