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By Federal Industries Jan 3, 2022

Space is always an issue in convenience stores, as each square inch should ideally generate profit. That said, countertops are often places that are overlooked in terms of their ability to merchandise foods and beverages, but countertop display cases can change this. Countertop food display cases can help eliminate floor congestion by adding a new level of convenience to the customer shopping experience. 

With today's emphasis on fresh foods and healthy snacks, these units provide an excellent opportunity for operators to highlight their prepared grab-and-go items such as salads and sandwiches. They take up a smaller footprint, allowing c-stores to use every inch of space. 

Here is a brief overview of how a countertop display case can improve the convenience store shopping experience by eliminating floor congestion.

What is a Countertop Display Case?

Countertop food display cases are freestanding units placed on top of a countertop. They are designed to hold open-faced sandwiches, quick snacks, and beverages. 

How can a Countertop Food Display Case Benefit my Store?

With most convenience stores suffering from floor congestion, operators have a limited opportunity to showcase their prepared food items, especially grab-and-go options. A countertop display case offers a unique way for you to spotlight these items and provide customers with a convenient shopping experience. It does this through the following:

1. Cleaner store environment

The use of countertop food display cases can minimize the amount of clutter on the floor, meaning a cleaner presentation for your customers.

2. Storage and display of grab-and-go items 

Most grab-and-go items should not take up much time or effort during their purchasing process. Customers can eat them directly from the packaging, take them home for heating, or eat them on the go. Therefore, displaying such items on a countertop case eases the purchase process and keeps people moving quickly.

3. Enhancement of floor traffic

Since these units are freestanding models, they allow for easy storage, allowing c-stores to maximize their floor space while avoiding the issue of overcrowding. With models such as self-serving, customers can quickly pick what they want as they move on.

Countertop Display Case Models

There are models to fit almost any type of store. 

1. Refrigerated

Refrigerated models can be used to showcase food, beverages, desserts, and other items. This model is a viable choice for any store looking to attract more customers and traffic.

2. Non-refrigerated

Great for menu items that don’t require being held at certain temperatures, non-refrigerated models showcase almost anything from nuts and chocolate bars to pastries. This model works particularly well for stores that do not sell a large volume of food items.

3. Self-serve display cases

These models allow your customers to pick their items and help themselves, resulting in increased impulse purchases. They are also great when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction.

4. Hot self-serve food display cases

These are the same as self-serve, except they have heating elements built-in, allowing you to heat any food or beverages for your customers. Because of this, these types of units are great for selling items such as French fries, hot dogs, and other quick bites.

5. Italian glass refrigerated drop-in display cases 

These types of countertop display cases are made of high-quality glass and feature a drop-in design. They showcase your products, such as sandwiches, salads, fruit, and other items in an exotic manner. This type of unit is suitable for c-stores that focus on healthier food options without consuming excessive space.

Not sure which unit is right for your c-store application? Schedule a free consultation with a display case expert at Federal, and we’ll help you pinpoint the case that will make the difference.

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