Federal Industries Announces a New Total System Approach

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RE: Federal Industries announces a new total system approach – Clear Coil™ refrigeration design.

CONTACT: John W. Minahan, President

BELLEVILLE, Wisconsin – January 2011 – Federal Industries, a leading manufacturer of fresh food display cases, introduced its new total system approach refrigeration design named Clear Coil.  For custom display cases, Federal designs each Clear Coil specific to a particular case size.

Clear Coil offers the ideal balance of compressor size, evaporator coil surface area and air movement to save store operators money by lowering energy and operating costs. The total system approach for refrigerated displays also extends shelf life for many food products.

Clear Coil uses the best evaporator coil size, fan speed, condensing unit capacity and temperature control system. Features include: an ideal balance and size of compressor and evaporator coil surface area for each case design.  A superior control system delivers precise electronic temperatures control, on-demand defrost feature (the coil will not freeze up), ease of temperature setting from warm to cold. A memory module allows control set points to be configured in the field in different environmental conditions.

Federal Industries is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible, and continues to innovate and push green components and display case design.


About Federal Industries

For more than 90 years, Federal Industries’ hallmark is one of precision craftsmanship and industry-leading innovation for fresh foods merchandising display cases. Manufactured in the heart of the Midwest in Belleville, Wisconsin, Federal’s superior bakery, deli and candy cases and equipment are quality built with pride and backed by excellence. From refrigerated, non-refrigerated or hot cases, the company can shape a signature look for any store – customizable to specifications – to showcase bakery, deli and confectionery items. More information can be found at www.federalind.com.

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