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Confectionery Climate Controlled

Blend elegant styling, superb merchandising flexibility and craftsmanship to maximize profits. Cases are available in lengths of 4', 5' and 6'. Designed for continuous case lineups.

Standard Features

  • Tilt out tempered curved front glass for easy cleaning.
  • Steel base construction.
  • Choice of six standard laminates on base. Other finishes optional.
  • Reflective sliding rear doors with lock.
  • Climate controlled rear storage area with lock.
  • Mirrored interior ends.
  • Removable sliding rear doors, shelf lights, shelf supports and shelves.
  • Gold trim.
  • Three tiers of adjustable glass shelves.
  • Shielded Octron top and shelf lights.
  • White display deck.
  • Easily accessible controls.
  • UL Safety & UL Sanitation listed.
  • Customer adjustable temperature and humidity controls balance case environment to prevent discoloration, dehydration and loss of gloss.
  • Condensate evaporator provided for a totally self-contained system. Remote refrigeration available.
  • Rear access to the refrigeration system.
  • R134A refrigeration system.
Models Description Dimensions L x W x H
FCCR-4 Climate Controlled 48.00" X 24.00" X 48.00"
FCCR-5 Climate Controlled 60.75" X 24.00" X 48.00"
FCCR-6 Climate Controlled 72.00" X 24.00" X 48.00"


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