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Market Series Refrigerated Corners

Market Deli. The low profile merchandiser that provides solutions to your fresh food merchandising needs. Corner cases are available in 45° and 90°, inside and outside, service and self-serve. Designed for continuous case lineups without middle end glass.

Standard Features

  • Lift up cylinder assisted tempered curved front glass.
  • Four point leveling system.
  • Convenient rear work counter.
  • Top mounted display lights for maximum illumination.
  • Choice of pedestal or panel base design.
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior.
  • UL Safety & UL Sanitation listed.
  • Solid state controls.
  • Shielded Octron top lights.
  • Coated evaporator coil.
  • Oversized coil and low velocity fan system maintains product freshness and high humidity.
  • Average case temperature of 36° F to 38° F is maintained.
  • Condensate evaporator provided for a totally self-contained system. Remote refrigeration available
Models Description Dimensions L x W x H
SQRIC45 Refrigerated Corner 53.50" X 57.00" X 48.00" Angle: 45 Inside
SQRIC45SS Refrigerated Self-Serve Corner 53.50" X 57.00" X 32.25" Angle: 45 Inside
SQRIC90 Refrigerated Corner 53.75" X 90.25" X 48.00" Angle: 90 Inside
SQRIC90SS Refrigerated Self-Serve Corner 53.75" X 90.25" X 32.25" Angle: 90 Inside
SQROC45R Refrigerated Corner 50.25" X 41.50" X 48.00" Angle: 45 Outside
SQROC45SSR Refrigerated Self-Serve Corner 50.25" X 41.50" X 32.25" Angle: 45 Outside
SQROC90 Refrigerated Corner 47.75" X 71.50" X 48.00" Angle: 90 Outside
SQROC90SS Refrigerated Self-Serve Corner 47.75" X 71.50" X 32.25" Angle: 90 Outside


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