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Federal Industries' standard limited warranties include one-year parts, one-year labor, and a five-year motor-compressor for refrigerated units.

Parts - One Year:

Federal Industries warrants to the original purchasers, the equipment manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service within 12 months from the date of original shipment from the factory. Any items returned to the factory must be authorized by Federal's Customer Service Department and be shipped prepaid. Replacements will be shipped collect. This warranty does not include any material which has been subject to misuse, neglect, damage in transit, accident, negligence, or alteration. This warranty does not cover coated incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lights or lamp warmer heat bulbs.

Labor - One Year:

Federal Industries warrants to the original purchasers, the equipment manufactured by it. Federal will for a period of 12 months from the date of original shipment from the factory pay the cost of labor for repairs and replacement of parts that it has determined to be defective. This warranty does not include the cost of labor for initial installation, start-up, correction of improper installations, misapplications, repairs caused by abuse and negligence, modifications, normal adjustments, drive time to and from repair site, and freon recovery. The cost of service labor reimbursed will be based on straight-time rate and reasonable time for the repair of the defect. All service labor charges are subject to approval by Federal Industries Technical Service Department.

Motor-Compressor - Five Year:

Federal Industries warrants to the original purchasers that it will repair or exchange at our option, at any time during the five years following the date of original shipment from the factory a motor-compressor assembly of like design and capacity if the motor-compressor assembly or any part thereof is proved to our satisfaction to be inoperative due to defects in material or factory workmanship. The term "motor-compressor assembly" consists of the stator, rotor, eccentric rod, eccentric shaft, piston, wrist pin, suction valve, discharge valve, and the cast housing in which these parts are enclosed. This warranty does not apply to any electrical controls, condenser, evaporator, fan motors, overload switch, starting relay, temperature control, dryer, accumulator, or wiring harnesses. No claims can be made against this warranty for spoilage of product. Replacement of the motor-compressor assembly must receive prior approval from Federal Industries Technical Service Department.

Equipment Service Assistance

If there is a problem with a Federal case, call our Technical Service Department for answers and information on how to resolve the problem. Our experience with and knowledge of our displays often saves downtime and repair expense. In some situations it may be necessary to have a service company work on the case. In these situations Federal Industries does not dictate which service company you have to use. You may use any qualified service company that you feel comfortable with. If you need assistance in finding a competent service company our service department will be happy to help.

Warranty Claim

If the case is under warranty, the parts and labor may be paid for by Federal Industries. To proceed with a warranty claim for service work performed, fax, mail or email the service repair bill to the Technical Service Department. To process the claim, the serial number, model number, name and address of the customer serviced and a description of the work performed needs to be noted. The claim will then be evaluated to see if the work performed is covered under warranty, that prevailing labor rates were used, and that a reasonable time for the repair took place. A check for the repair work will then be forwarded to the appropriate party.

Part Sales

If you are in need of a replacement part for a Federal display call our Parts Department. If you have the item number of the part you require when you call, it will speed up the processing and insure the accuracy of your order. Part item numbers can be found in the Operations Manual shipped with your case. If you do not know the part item number, we will need the model number, and the serial number of the display that requires the part.

Parts are usually shipped the next day by UPS, C.O.D. Next day delivery and alternate payment methods can be arranged.

Compressor Failure

Federal Industries warrants the repair or exchange at any time during the first five years of the motor-compressor assembly. Refer to warranties.

In the event of a compressor failure during the first five years of operation, contact Federal's Equipment Service Department. When you call, please provide the serial number and the model number of the display with the defective compressor. If the compressor is within the first year of operation, it can be exchanged with the compressor manufacturer's wholesale outlet for an over-the-counter exchange. The defective compressor will be required by the wholesaler. After the first year, Federal will replace a faulty compressor directly from the factory or the compressor may be purchased locally.

When the compressor is shipped from the factory, you will be invoiced and credited when we receive the serial tag from the defective compressor.

When the compressor is purchased locally, Federal will reimburse up to a predetermined amount, once we receive the compressor serial tag and wholesaler's invoice. It is important to remember that the compressor warranty covers the cost of the compressor only. Labor and/or other parts that may be required are not included.

Returning Equipment

If a shipment must be returned to Federal Industries, contact the Customer Service Department for a return authorization number. When calling, it is necessary to have the serial number and model number of the case being returned. The Customer Service Department will evaluate the request. When appropriate, Customer Service will issue a return authorization which includes the restocking charge, shipping address and any special instructions. All shipments must be prepaid. Any return shipment without prior approval from Federal Industries will not be accepted. See Terms of Sale for additional information.

General Conditions:

Federal Industries recommends that the installation, inspection and start up of refrigeration equipment be performed by a qualified refrigeration technician.

Federal Industries makes no other expressed or implied warranty, and no person or representative of the seller is authorized to add to the seller's liabilities in connection with its products other than what is expressed.

These warranties do not apply to remote motor compressor applications. Warranties listed here are for equipment located inside the continental United States.

All service labor and/or parts charges are subject to approval by Federal Industries. Contact the Technical Service Department in writing or call (608) 424-3331.

All claims must contain the following information:

  • The model and serial number of the equipment.
  • The date of the equipment failure and place of installation.
  • The name and address of the customer serviced.
  • The name and address of the agency which performed the service work.
  • A complete description of the equipment failure, circumstances relating to that failure, parts replaced and itemized list of all labor charges incurred.

All claims must be submitted no later than one year from the date of completed service.

Federal Industries shall not be liable for any default or delay in performance caused by any contingency beyond its control.

Warranties do not include any food or business loss and transportation charges to or from Federal Industries' Factory. Cases are designed to operate in a maximum environment of 75° F ambient and 55% relative humidity.

The condenser coil on refrigerated cases needs to be kept clean to operate properly. Failure or damage to the system caused by a dirty condenser coil is not covered under warranty.


Terms of Sale

Federal Industries Terms of Sale for equipment and parts.