The Federal Advantage

The Signature of Quality


Federal Industries provides our customers with outstanding excellence, quality & versatility using innovative solutions and service parallel to none.  With the ability to customize our products to meet our customers' needs, we are able to accommodate almost any application.  And all of our products have been rigorously tested for performance durability and reliability so you can be confident the craftsmanship will exceeds your expectations. Our on premise, state of the art UL and NSF approved testing laboratories ensure that these demands are met, making them the finest in today’s market. Our customers like that they can count on us for all of their fresh food merchandising displays.

Our ADVANTAGE includes seven key areas that separate us from our competitors:

Green Manufacturing

We have a strong belief in doing our part to protect the environment. Our corporate strategy has always been to produce quality American products at a fair price, while keeping our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. We focus our efforts on four main categories of environmental conservation: recycling, green manufacturing practices, energy efficient facilities and energy saving displays and components.

Energy Approach

Throughout our factory, office and warehouse, we have stepped up our efforts to reduce our energy use. We also strive to minimize the energy use of the products we manufacture: cases and their components.

In-House Powder Coating

We have our own in house powder coating system capable of handling all of your powder coating needs. Assuring a beautiful and long lasting product.

Clear Coil Refrigeration Design

Our total system approach – Clear Coil™ – applies to all our refrigerated displays and provides an extended shelf life for many food products. Our design concept achieves uniform refrigerated temperatures at high humidity levels. Ideal balance of compressor size, evaporator coil surface area and air movement is the key. We are self-contained refrigeration experts.


Service is part of every product we manufacture. We understand that we are in business today because we continue to be responsive to all our customers’ needs. Our representatives, located throughout the United States, are trained equipment specialists and knowledgeable about all Federal products.

Breadth of Offering

The breadth of Federal’s product offerings is unsurpassed. Our displays are designed to solve the toughest merchandising challenges. We create a vast selection of display cases with outstanding presentation features for all of your fresh food merchandising requirements. We offer quick value added customization with on time delivery.

End User Focus

Our end user focus starts with an understanding of what is important to our customer and their business, and then ensuring our services are designed to support and enable these initiatives. From refrigerated, non-refrigerated or hot cases, our design experts will shape a signature look customizable to your specifications and decor for bakery, deli and confectionery items.