Brand Overview


    Bakery & Deli

    Federal Industries bakery and deli cases showcase products with style, while allowing for maximum product visibility and capacity. Each display series is loaded with standard features but can also be customized to complement any setting.

    VHSS4878 sq glass end flame case with Red ref case

    Vision Series

    In chocolate, as in all fresh foods, it's the presentation that sells the product. Which is why Federal has included dozens of design features that visually promote the products and turn shoppers into buyers.

    Counter Top

    For maximum return from minimum space, choose from Federal Industries' complete range of attention grabbing Counter Top merchandisers. Attractively and enticingly display your fresh foods for increased impulse purchases and profits.



    Federal Industries continues to innovate at the top end of its display cases, and include features formerly associated with costlier models into lower price points. Our Elements™ line is no exception. With appealing designs and features for your locations needing no customization.


    Specialty Display

    Product presentation is the key to profit. Federal's line of specialty display merchandisers brings the product to the customer in any setting. Combining craftsmanship with visual appeal, Federal works with space and design to enhance a store's interior while meeting merchandising needs