Bakery & Deli

    Non-refrigerated bakery display case

    Market Series

    The Market Series merchandisers highlight your fresh foods, while expediting interaction between the customer and the counter staff. The open frameless design of the units creates an intimate marketplace environment where you can generate excitement and increase sales.


    Series 90

    Federal's engineers had both you and your customers in mind when developing the Series '90 display cases. The removable sliding rear doors and lift up glass front make stocking and cleaning effortless, and the case height promotes face to face sales interaction. The Series '90 is available in refrigerated, non-refrigerated, dual zone bakery cases, refrigerated deli or hot deli cases.


    Curved Glass

    Showcase your products with Curved Glass bakery and deli display cases from Federal Industries. The timeless design of the Curved Glass display presents your fresh food with style, while allowing for maximum product visibility and capacity.


    High Volume

    Choose the High Volume bakery and deli cases from Federal Industries to display the maximum amount of product and serve more customers while staying within your budget. The sloped front glass and cantilevered shelves make this a perfect merchandising system for those with presentation and value in mind.


    Italian Glass

    Showcase your products with Italian Glass bakery and deli display cases from Federal Industries. The upscale design of the Italian Glass displays presents your fresh food with European style. Available as floor standing units with base or for counter top installations. High output LED lighting and glass shelving provide superior product illumination. Ideal for both bakery and deli merchandising.