Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Here are some frequently asked questions.  Please take a look to see if your answer can be found here.  If not, please contact one of the following departments for assistance.


  • Q: How can I determine if my case is under warranty?

    A: In order to determine your warranty you can view Federal Industries Warranty.  You will need the date of original installation OR if you are unsure, you can validate using the date code of the serial number.  
    • The first set of 2 digits represent the year the product was manufactured
      • 16091997336
    • The second set of 2 digits represents the month the product was manufactured 
      • 16091997336 
    • The third set of 2 digits represents the day the product was manufactured 
      • 16091997336 
    • So in this example the product was manufactured on 09/19/2016 

    • If your case does not have a serial number like this one, you will need to CONTACT US and we can advise you of your warranty status.
  • Q: What do the error codes on my control mean?


    Ranco control
    E1 = Supply air temp probe open or shorted.
    E2 = Evap coil probe open or shorted

    Carel control
    E0 = Supply air temp probe open or shorted
    E1 = Evap coil probe open or shorted

  • Q: How long is the warranty on the part I purchased?

    A: Most purchased parts have a 90 day warranty, however, there are some parts that carry a supplier warranty that might be longer than this.  Be sure to ask the representative when placing your order or to check the status, Please contact Parts Town directly at CONTACT FORM or by phone at 833-809-8188, or visit their website at
  • Q: How do I clean and maintain my merchandiser?

    A: We know that maintaining your new Federal Industries Merchandiser is important to you so we have provided you with cleaning and maintenance instructions in each manual that is specific to your case.  These instructions will help you extend the life of your case and help you keep the product looking its best.  If you have misplaced your manual, we have you covered.  Simply click HERE to locate the manual for your merchandiser and check the table of contents for the cleaning instructions or you can just download and print the manual so you will always have it handy when you need it! 
  • Are there any Installation Guidelines?

    Information about locating and installing a Federal Industries merchandiser can be found in the Installation Manual.

    Refrigerated cases are designed to operate in a maximum environment of 75° F ambient and 55% relative humidity.

    Case temperature will vary if an open merchandiser's air curtain is disrupted.

    RSSM, LPRSS and Hybrid merchandisers need to be positioned so that the rear of the unit is at least 6" from a wall.

    • Pre-Purchase Check List
    • Startup Check List
    • Open Merchandiser Installation Guidelines
    • LPRSS Preventative Maintenance
    • RSSM Preventative Maintenance
    • Hybrid Preventative Maintenance