High Volume

Refrigerated Deli

Display more product and serve more customers with presentation and value in mind. Designed for continuous case lineups without middle end glass.

Standard Features

  • Tilt out tempered straight front glass for easy cleaning.
  • Steel base construction.
  • Choice of six standard laminates on base. Other finishes optional.
  • Four point leveling system.
  • Tempered glass top, ends and doors.
  • Removable sliding rear doors, shelf lights, shelf supports and shelves.
  • Removable rear wrapping board.
  • Black trim.
  • Adjustable full length stainless steel lighted mezzanine shelf.
  • Shielded LED top and shelf lights.
  • Removable scratch resistant rustproof white display deck.
  • Rustproof insulated evaporator coil compartment.
  • Easily accessible controls.
  • Thermometer.
  • UL Safety & UL Sanitation listed.
  • Average case temperature of 36° F to 38° F is maintained.
  • Oversized coil and low velocity fan system maintains high humidity and product freshness.
  • Condensate evaporator provided for a totally self-contained system. Remote refrigeration available.
  • Condenser air filter on self-contained models.
  • Rear access to the refrigeration system.
  • R513a Refrigerant.

Product Options

  • Special Base Finish
  • Additional Mezzanine Shelf
  • Remote Refrigeration (R449a Refrigerant, EEV Included).
  • Reflective Ends
  • White or Mirrored Interior Ends With Laminated Exterior
  • Reflective Rear Doors
  • Casters/Cord & Plug Included (Self-Contained Models Only)
  • Cord & Plug (Self-Contained Models Only) NEMA 5-15P for 36", 50", 59" Models NEMA 5-20P for 77" Models
  • Legs
  • Top Cutting Board, White
  • Package Shelf
  • Light Below Package Shelf
  • Front Glass and Rear Door Locks
  • Joining Kit for Continuous Line-ups
  • Scale Platform
  • Step Riser or Pan Holder


      Click the Model Number below for the Specific KCL / CAD / REVIT Drawing
SGR3148CD Refrigerated Deli 31.13" X 35.31" X 48.00"
SGR3642CD Refrigerated Deli 36.13" X 35.31" X 42.00"
SGR3648CD Refrigerated Deli 36.13" X 35.31" X 48.00"
SGR5042CD Refrigerated Deli 50.13" X 35.31" X 42.00"
SGR5048CD Refrigerated Deli 50.13" X 35.31" X 48.00"
SGR5942CD Refrigerated Deli 59.13" X 35.31" X 42.00"
SGR5948CD Refrigerated Deli 59.13" X 35.31" X 48.00"
SGR7742CD Refrigerated Deli 77.13" X 35.31" X 42.00"
SGR7748CD Refrigerated Deli 77.13" X 35.31" X 48.00"

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